Diner Banter
Background Score/ Musician/ Arranger

Diner Banter – an entirely improvised, bite-sized comedy series. 🍿🎉

Four friends meet up at their favorite diner to laugh and commiserate about everything—and we mean EVERYTHING—except for the major world events changing their lives as they know it.


Created by and Starring Gayatri Bahl, Melanie Chandra, Surina Jindal and Reema Sampat
Directed, Edited & Produced by Gayatri Bahl
Cinematography : Ronnie Bhardwaj
Original Score / Sound Design : Rushi Vakil
Production Design : Huda Haqqani
Sound Recording : Alistair Farrant
Story Producer : Melanie Chandra
Developmental Producer : Surina Jindal
Consulting Writer : Timothy Cooper
Color : Damon Beirne
Styling : Liya Thachil

Makeup : Jasmine Rahman
Makeup :Arfana Jasar
Hair : Natalie Restrepo
Titles & Graphic Design : Reema Sampat
Camera Assistant : Daniel Rodriguez
Production Assistant & BTS Photographer : Anuj Goyal
Production Assistant : Rohan Sheth
Production Assistant : Shreya Maha
Sound Programming : Shubham Raval
Audio Production : Aaditaal Music Project
Subtitles : Saga Translations
Equipment & Studio Location : Youtube Space
Special Thanks : Timothy Cooper, Ankush Jindal

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